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Firstly what is Linux?

If Computers have not been a particular interest of yours then I will give you a bit of background to bring you up to speed...

Linux is a name both for the specific piece of software known as the Operating System and a collection of this operating system and large numbers of useful programs that are built on the foundation of this operating system to provide a complete and productive working environment for everyone who would like computers to work for them, rather than just being a shiny object to lavish money on.

The thing that makes Linux, and the huge ecosystem of "Open Source" or "Free Software" that has grown up around it over the past twenty years is that it can leverage the power of human co-operation over the Internet. This software is a work of collaboration, not owned by any one person or corporation who wouldbe able to use that to hold the rest of the world to ransom!

One practical consequence of this is that Linux can be freely distributed. You can regularly see it on cover DVDs of magazines or anyone with a fast Internet connection can download their own image file of "Linux Distributions" such as Ubuntu,Mint,Fedora,SuSE to make either a DVD or the modern way, a bootable USB memory stick. Puppy Linux is a great one to try for permanent running from a USB stick.

Both these methods allow you to try Linux out to see if you would like to take the plunge and replace the proprietary Operating System that your PC came with. You can run both systems alongside each other but this is more complex than a clean break with the past. As Linux is far more efficient than commercially sold alternatives even a PC that is a few years old, such as one that runs the soon to be discontinued (for support) Windows XP software should be able to run Linux just fine and have a new lease of life. Linux also max maximum use of any multiple 'cores' and extra memory your PC has if it is a bit more modern.

It is both the way to make the most out of old hardware and the very latest. If you are a business and have a large number of machines that you want to convert to Linux that is something we can assist with, drop me a line to find out about our keen consultancy rates...

I Martin Houston have been using Linux since 1995 and have done quite a lot of different things over that time. Here is my public Linked-in profile. My involvement with Unix and Free Software goes back even further than that as you can see here.

I am a supporter of the Open Rights Group and if you value you freedom to be seeing this page rather than a censored version of the Internet I would advise you to do the same.

Like Linux - want to wear the tie? (limited stock available)

Deluxe Technology has some very nice ties to show that you are a fan of Linux in a professional setting. These have been custom made with a tasteful repeating pattern of Tux the penguin who is the mascot of the Linux system. We have a choice of Red or Blue in these hard-wearing and washable polyester ties. A great Birthday/Christmas present for a Geek who has to be smart sometimes...
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If you would like one of these ties please remit the sum of £5.99 via PayPal to the account along with where you want the tie shipped (Postage free for U.K. a further £4 for the rest of world). If you are new to Linux and need a copy I can also include a DVD of the latest Ubuntu, Mint, CentOS or Fedora in the package to get you started. However bear in mind that if you have modern broadband these only take minutes to download for yourself - its FREE.

Fracking? Some info to get you started (and get you MAD)

I am also very concerned about a number of other issues that threaten the ability of all of us to be able to enjoy the life we have been given. Very urgent at the moment is the fight against Fracking. You will find Anti-fracking groups springing up all over the UK, and all over the world excpt in countries like France that have had the common sense to BAN IT.

Here is something that you may have seen recently on Channel 4 News where the UK Government Minister is given a very hard time about Fracking by Vanessa Vine from BIFF

And this has even inspired a poem!

And here is one example of the police brutality of which Vanessa speaks:

And here are some useful links. Please consider finding and joining your nearest Anti-fracking group or spending a week or so at Barton Moss, or where ever they try this next - the French (you know the country they have BANNED Fracking?) company Total has its eyes set on Linconshire for example!

No price fall like they are (still) promising:
No insurance to cover disasters: (If You thought the banking bail out was big) 
Gagging orders even on children affected by fracking pollution?! (What are frackers hiding) 
Fracking safety debunked (and you should see the road-worthyness of some of the Tankers that visit the iGas site at Barton Moss!):
We are not allowed to know about medical conditions arising from fracking pollution (what are they scared of us finding out?).
Flooding and fracking:!/content/1.2500500
No proper checks on fracking spills & accidents:
No obligation to tell us about fracking in your local area;
They're all in it together:
It won't last long - it's only short term (but the problems will last for generations):
The UK is not like the US:
Learn more about fracking (unless you have another planet you can escape to that is)

These links are just a sample to get you started, do not just be a passenger and assume somone else is going to sort all this out! Nobody is going to look after the interests of us, the human race apart from us, the human race. This is why space here has been given to this important info

People need to discuss fracking properly and not listen to government misinformation. This is foisted upon us by people with clear vested interests

Want to know more? You can find Martin Houston on Linked-in and Facebook.